About Leon's

An innovator and pioneer in jewelry design since 1979, world-renowned jewelry expert Leon Haytayan created the Leon’s brand in 2000 to showcase his one-of-a-kind masterpieces and unique treasures.

Just as in olden times - when master artists were commissioned to create portraits and paintings - every jewelry piece is hand-made by Leon himself for each client that commissions a design. This ensures that the fortunate collector is acquiring a precious heirloom created by a master, and one that can be handed down from generation to generation for years of enjoyment and admiration.

Working with only the purest and finest in precious metals and stones, Leon’s spares no expense in the worldwide search for the best in working materials. Michelangelo spent years perfecting the priceless art within the Sistine Chapel. So too does Leon work tirelessly to perfect each creation. Every precious diamond and each colorful jewel that he works with undergoes a microscopic analysis before being anointed as the ‘chosen one’ to be transformed by his creative artistry into a magnificent completed piece.

With this attention to detail, it only makes sense that Leon’s stands behind its masterpieces and offers what no other jewelry creator in the world would be bold enough to guarantee: a lifetime warranty. This is NOT a limited time (like a 3 year/36,000 mile) offer. In fact, we have so much confidence in our products that we will cover full service and maintenance, and resolve any issues that occur with our pieces forever!